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We provide artists, artist's representatives, galleries and collectors the opportunity to post the information about works of art on our website for free. Works related to painting, drawing, sculpture and decorative arts are accepted.
Being registered on our website, you can do next, free of charge:

1. To place the information about the artist and works of art on the website by your own;
2. Your works (pictures of paintings and other works of art) will be posted on the websites

Additional payable services:
1. Our participation in the placement of your works on the website, with departure or without, and the preparation and placement the pictures of your works of art.

How to sell the paintings and works of art on this website?
Upon receiving the order, we carry out the procedure of verifying its authenticity. We make phone call to you - the artist / seller, and provide you, due to information received, the opportunity for personal contact with the buyer of your painting or other work of art that is displayed on the website, with the aim to show the work and discuss the terms of your works sale.
All settlements between you and buyers will be made to you directly; you deduct to our company only our interest that is specified in contract, concluded during the registration. The rating of the sale of your paintings and works of arts will be edited by the website owners only after receipt of the percentage from works, sold by you.
In case of refusal of commission fee payment, your works will be removed from the website, and the seller will be included to the list that will be blocking its new and existing website registration.
Some rules for posting of paintings and works of art on the website.

1. Number of artists, placed by one user, is not limited
2. Number of works placed by one user is not limited
3. We accept images in JPEG or GIF for posting on the website, image size - not less than 1000 pixels on the larger side. Image compression is selected so that the file size does not exceed 5MB;
4. Pictures of paintings can be posted without framing (a baguette);
5. Pictures of paintings can be posted with framing (a baguette);
6. If a painting for sale is already framed in a baguette, it should be noted in a special field while placing information about the painting on the website, and you need to consider the cost of a baguette in the price of a painting;
7. The price for work of art assigns either an artist (the seller) or our company by mutual agreement;
8. The price should be indicated without including the cost of delivery and additional expenses (obtaining a permit to export abroad, the cost of packing, transport, etc.).