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Modern Ukrainian painting. Artists of Ukraine

Ukrainian artists and contemporary art of Ukraine.

The state of Ukraine is the state in the Eastern Europe; it is the second largest state on European territory after the Russian Federation and the largest one of the fully located in Europe.

On the south Ukraine is washed by the Black and Azov seas and on the east and north-east it borders with Russia, in the north with Belarus, in the west with Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, in the south-west with Romania, Moldova and with the unrecognized Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic.

Ukraine The Ukrainian territory has dimensions of 1316 km from west to east and 893 kilometers from north to south, it lies approximately between 52 ° 20 'and 44 ° 20' north latitude and 22 ° 5 'and 41 ° 15' east longitude. The northernmost point is the village of Petrovka in Chernihov region, the southern is the Cape Sarich (Crimea), the western is a village Solomonovo near the city of Chop of Zakarpattya region, the eastern is Krasna Zvezda village of Lugansk region. The geographical center of Ukraine is located in the urban settlement of Dobrovelichkovka of Kirovograd region.

Ukraine is the most wonderful country with a good climate, good geographical location and well-developed transport infrastructure.

Ukraine Basically climate in Ukraine is moderately continental with some differences in the Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains, but on the southern coast of Crimea it is Mediterranean.

Ukraine Relief of Ukraine is much of a flat character; the plains cover 70%, the hills and mountains cover 25% and 5%. Mountains are in the south-west (the Ukrainian Carpathians, the highest point is Mount Hoverla, 2061 m above sea level) and in the southern part of the Crimean peninsula (the Crimean Mountains, the highest point is Roman-Kosh, 1545 m). Basic plains: in the south is the Prichernomorya Lowland, in the north is Polеssya Lowland, in the west is Zakarpattya Lowland.

Ukraine The capital of Ukraine is city of Kiev. On January 1, 2010 in Ukraine there are 459 cities, 885 towns and 28 000 471 rural villages. Ukraine is a multiethnic state.

Ukraine Many (more than 150) periodical printed editions are published in the languages  of ethnic communities in Ukraine.

Ukraine. There are about 800 non-governmental organizations of national minorities in Ukraine, about 30 of which have national status. For example, the Association of the national-cultural unions of Ukraine, Ukrainian Society of Russian Culture "Rus", the All-Ukrainian Cultural and Educational National Society "Russian Assembly," The Jewish Council of Ukraine, the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine, the Federation of Greek organizations in Ukraine, the Union of Poles of Ukraine, the Association of Bulgarian national-cultural societies, the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Ukraine.

Artists of Ukraine and the Ukrainian painting.

Ukraine History of creation the Union of Ukrainian Artists. Union of Ukrainian Artists was established in 1938. This union (UUA) comprises the majority of Ukrainian artists. It was established in 1938.

Ukraine is a multinational state. This fact is manifested among artists. Ukrainian artists represent all ethnic groups that are living in the territory of Ukraine.
Ukraine! Among the contemporary artists of Ukraine there are many talented people of different nationalities. Works of artists of Ukraine are worthily represented at numerous national and international art exhibitions.

Ukraine! Ukrainian artists paint wonderful paintings in almost all the genres and styles of modern painting. Among the contemporary artists of Ukraine there are many talented painters and sculptors.

Ukraine! Especially among the painters contemporary artists of Crimea can be distinguished. Many Crimean artists paint great and diverse paintings of the sea. Among the Ukrainian Crimean painters there are many great marine painters. Modern Ukrainian Crimean marine painters write beautiful paintings of the sea. Seascapes. Genre paintings. Battle paintings of sea battles. Fantastic pictures of the sea. Fantastic sea and underwater landscapes. Modern Ukrainian artists also paint wonderful sceneries of the Crimea, the Crimean coast, paintings of mountains of Crimea. Crimean mountains, the sea of Crimea and Crimean nature are colorful and perfectly are representing the nature for the contemporary artists of the Crimea, Ukraine, and artists from all over the world.

Ukraine! Ukrainian artists, artists of Ukraine (Ukrainian artists) nowadays are well known all over the world and paint beautiful paintings. Ukrainian artists’ creativity is very versatile. Ukrainian artists often exhibit their works at international exhibitions around the world, including Russia. For example, at the annual Moscow International Art Salon Ukrainian painters and sculptors are exhibited in large numbers. Exposition of works of Ukrainian artists at the annual MIAS (in the Central House of Artists) is always plentiful and interesting.

Ukraine! Ukrainian painters, artists of Ukraine (Ukrainian artists) maintain worthily the historical traditions of the Ukrainian school of arts.

Ukraine Our ​​gallery contains a lot of works of artists that are living in Ukraine. Many of them are truly talented artists.

Ukraine! Ukrainian painters and their art deserve close attention of real art lovers.

Ukraine Ukrainian painters are appreciated for their talent and professionalism.

Ukraine Paintings of Ukrainian painters are loved and eagerly bought in all countries of the world.