Artist Iskakova Maria Vladimirovna

Country: Spain
City: Valencia

She was born May 11, 1977 in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan)

Higher and secondary art education:

1997-2002 State Art and Industry Academy AL Stieglitz
(Faculty of Arts and Applied Arts) (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1994-1997 National Institute of Technology (Omsk, Russia)
(Graphic Design, Fashion)
1988-1993 National College of Arts (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan)
Since 2004, she lived and worked in g.Santo Domingo.

2005 - 2009 Ministry of Culture, participated in various activities to culture, murals, organizer of master classes in painting and drawing for children and adults.
2005-2008 President of the School of Art and creative development for children and adults -
Two sisters (two sisters) - Garden Art
Participant of collective and individual exhibitions in Russia, Brazil, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
Since 2008 - Member of the Artists DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (CODAP) (Colegio Dominicano de los Artistas Pl? Sticas)

2010 "Color of Music - the color of the soul" Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts
St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy. Stieglitz (St. Petersburg)

2008 "Color of Music - the color of the soul" Hall Ramon Oviedo (Ministry of Culture) g.Santo Domingo

2009 Juan Bosch in the Dominican art
(Museum of the Royal House - Museo las Casas Reales) g.Santo Domingo
2008 "on the plate" (CODAP - Union of Artists) g.Santo Domingo
2007 "Juan Bosch-98 Anniversary", Santo Domingo (House PLD)
2007 "Fire Festival - Caribbean Festival", g.Santyago de Cuba (from July 3 to July 9)
2006 "The visual area II - National Exhibition of Artists"
Museum of the Dominican Man (IX International Fair of Books)
2006 "Juan Bosch - The Life and Work", Cuba
2006 "Juan Bosch - The Life and Work" (April), Puerto Rico
2006 "Collective - Don Juan Bosch", February, Brazil
2006 "exhibition in the Fifth Five." Gallery - Fifth Dominica Santo Domingo
2005 "Don Juan Bosch," Gallery of the National Library, Santo Domingo
2005 "Exhibition of the end of 2005," the Union of Artists, Santo Domingo
2005 60th anniversary of the start of the bilateral relations between Russia and the Dominican Republic, Fundación Global Gallery - Global base and Development, Santo Domingo
2004 Moscow, Russia "The Return of Russian Icons"
2001 St. Petersburg, Russia Design College - "Tatyana's Day"
1999 St. Petersburg, Russia, Exhibition: April Joke-99
1999 St. Petersburg, Russia, the exhibition of landscapes: "Remembering an amazing moment."
1998 Moscow, Russia, "International Award - Smirnoff-98"
1995 Berlin, Germany, "Drawing and time"
1992 Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, "International creation"


2005-2008 IX, X, XIII Painting Competition - Nature. Dominikanskay organization Agro Empresarial, g.Santo Domingo
2008 Competition of the Venezuelan Embassy, ​​"History and Duarte" g.Santo Domingo
2006 INDOTEL "Portrait Duarte" (IX International Fair of Books), g.Santo Domingo 2006 "Painting Competition" Home Theater, g.Santo Domingo
2002 "contest portraits dedicated to Jean Dubuffet", Paris, France
2002 Contest of young designers - "Admiralty Needle", St. Petersburg, Russia
1996 Winner: "Fashion Formula 96", Omsk, Russia

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Art portrait
2013 y. / 42x29 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Portrait of dogs
2013 y. / 42x29 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Children's Portrait
2007 y. / 30x42 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Сaricature
2012 y. / 29x21 cm
Contract price