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Artist Drobyshev Anatoly Ivanovic

Country: Kazakhstan
City: Karaganda

Anatoly Drobyshev was born in the southern Urals, in a remote area of the Orenburg region Malakan Now this is not hutorka sushestvuet. In 1970, Anatoly Drobyshev, graduated from the People's unevirsitet Art, department of painting and drawing, work of the student Anatoly Drobysheva included many All-Union exhibitions and highly appreciated for its originality, uniqueness.
   Brushwork characterize the style of primitivism, which
  worked such
outstanding artists turn of 19-20 centuries as
Frenchman Henri Rousseau and Georgians Nico Pirosmanishvili.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Chapaev and cavalry
1960 y. / 51x68 cm
2 500 $