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Artiste Butyrsky Alexey

Pays de résidence: USA
City: New York

Butyrsky Alexey is a bright talented contemporary artist, the master of romantic urban landscape.

Artist Alexey Butyrsky was born in 1974 in Moscow.
Alexey Butyrsky graduated with honors from the Moscow Art College.
In 1998 Alexey graduated from Russian Academy of Arts, where he graduated with honors.
Alexey Butyrsky since 1996 he began to participate in exhibitions in Russia and abroad.
Alexey Butyrsky constant participant of prestigious exhibitions in USA, England and France. In the US he has already held more than 25 solo exhibitions.
Currently, one of the favorite topics for Alexey Butyrsky steel city romantic urban landscapes that he writes in a realistic manner, without unnecessary pathos and embellishment, depicting the everyday life of different cities.
The paintings of Alexey Butyrsky something reminiscent of the paintings of Claude Lorrena and Raphael with their inner glow and masterly use of chiaroscuro effects.
The power and intensity of light and shadow in the paintings of Alexey Butyrsky delight fans of his paintings. The sophistication and skill with which Butyrsky depicts in his works the objects of architecture, his sense of color and form, more characteristic of the masters of the older generation.
Thanks to his talent, he belongs to the elite of contemporary Russian artists.
The paintings of Alexey Butyrsky have great success, they can be seen in the most prestigious galleries and private collections of England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and the United States.

Liste des œuvres
Image (peinture) : Le Soir De Londres
2010 a. / 80x90 cm
9 000 $
Image (peinture) : Un soir de pluie
2007 a. / 80x90 cm
9 500 $
Image (peinture) : Vénitien paysage
2009 a. / 70x90 cm
9 000 $
Image (peinture) : Soirée Paris
2015 a. / 70x90 cm
9 500 $
Image (peinture) : London soirée
2011 a. / 80x90 cm
9 000 $
Image (peinture) : Printemps tram
2010 a. / 70x90 cm
9 000 $
Image (peinture) : Moscou, le Grand théâtre
2010 a. / 70x90 cm
9 000 $
Image (peinture) : Matinée pluvieuse
2012 a. / 70x90 cm
9 000 $